Pre-K 101 Days of School

Posted by Laran Lofton on 1/26/2022

kids dressed as Dalmatians

Mrs. Greene's and Mrs. McElroy's Pre-K students had fun dressing up like Dalmatians for the 101 Day of School.  They also matched upper and lower case letters using doggie bones; played Doggie Doggie Where's Your Bone?; ate a special snack made up of "Fetch Sticks" (pretzels), "Pupcorn" (popcorn), and Scoobie Snacks in the shape of dog bones; and also made two list: I would want 101..... and I would not want 101......  The students were interested in having 101 dollars, 101 cats, 101 cookies or cupcakes, 101 pet crabs, 101 teddy bears, 101 gold bears, and 101 robots, but they did NOT want 101 spiders, 101 stinky shoes, 101 snakes, 101 rhinos, 101 hippos, or 101 sharks.