Centreville Middle School History

  • Professor Davidson was the founding principal of Centreville Industrial Institution in Centreville, Alabama. The Centreville Industrial School was later renamed Bibb County Training School. Professor Davidson was born in Bibb County, Alabama, on December 16, 1869. His early family was disadvantaged, and his own educational opportunities were relatively limited. His formal education was extended over a long period. In the summer of 1934, after many years, he earned a Baccalaureate Degree at Tuskegee Institute now Tuskegee University. Our founder exemplified the highest level of perseverance against many adversities and elements in his struggle to help people and build an educational system for blacks in this county. He demonstrated a persistence determination and sacrificed much in his efforts to build a school, secure a site and building, and funds for operation of the school known as our Bibb County Training School. In these efforts, Professor Davidson’s hard work during those times should be viewed as a testimony of encouragement to our younger generation to keep pressing toward excellence in education.
    In 1966, a new school was completed and named Henry Damon Davidson High School in honor of the founder. H. D. Davidson High School closed after the last graduating class in May 1969. Davidson High School remained close for the school year of 1969 and 1970. After reopening for the school year of 1970 and 1971, the school name was changed to Centreville Elementary School, and currently exists as Centreville Middle School. Centreville Middle School was merged between two schools. Bibb County Junior High School 7th and 8th grades and Brent Elementary School 5th and 6th grades merged into Centreville Middle School in 2008 for the first year of classes.