• Fourth Grade Graduation

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 5/24/2022

    Woodstock Elementary School held their Fourth Grade graduation today at Woodstock First Baptist Church.  Thirty-two boys and girls walked across the stage and received their Fourth Grade Certificate of Achievement.  Afterwards, graduates and families celebrated with a reception.  Now these students are headed off to West Blocton Middle School.


    two boys smiling at cameragirls smiling for a picture

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  • Fun Day

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 5/20/2022

    To celebrate the hard work that students have done this school year, Woodstock Elementary School had Fun Day.  Students had fun sliding down slides (some being wet, others being dry).   One could hear laughter and screams of excitement after each turn down.  Some of the slides were rather high up in the air, so some students needed encouragement from their classmates.  You could hear students chanting other students' names and telling them "You can do it!"   Students also got to take turns jumping in the bouncy house.  The day was rather warm, so it was nice to have Kona Ice there to cool down with.  


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  • Melody Off Key

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 5/11/2022

    Melody Off Key

    Woodstock Elementary School Theater Club recently put on a performance of Melody Off Key.  This play taught not to judge a person by their name as Melody and her sisters head off to New York City and meet some interesting people.  With the help of parent, Bessie Tan, who has a background in theater, nineteen 3rd and 4th graders worked together during the 2nd semester of school to put on a wonderful, funny performance.   students on a stagestudents on stage with one at microphone with pizza boxes

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  • Careers on Wheels

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 4/29/2022

    Careers on Wheels

    Bibb County Career Coach, Britney Dickson, put on a Careers on Wheels event for the students at Woodstock Elementary.  Community Workers from around the area came out to show off their vehicles and discuss what they do for a living with the students at Woodstock.   

    kids looking at firetruckkids looking at ice cream truckmckinney wreckerkids looking at ems vankids looking at a clothing trailer

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  • ExxonMobil Alliance Math and Science School Grant Program

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 4/28/2022

    man handing woman a check

    Allen's Food Mart in Woodstock is part of the . This program seeks to fuel young minds and help create aha moments as a part of their ongoing effort to support science, technology, engineering and math education within the communities they serve.  Allen's donated $500 to Woodstock Elementary School to be used for Math and Science Programs at the school.  Mrs. Kristin Lightsey accepted the donation on behalf of the school.  

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  • Wellness Day 2022

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 4/26/2022

    Wellness Day

    Recently Woodstock Elementary School students participated in Wellness Day.  Time was carved out of their day to be outside and play different games like badminton, cornhole, over/under, and egg race.  The students also got to play on the playground, walk around the track, and jump in the bounce house. 


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  • Egg Hunt

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 4/18/2022

    Egg Hunts

    Students in multiple grade levels participated in Egg Hunts at school on Friday, April 15.  Teachers hid eggs on the playground and then allowed students to come out and hunt for them.  To insure that everyone found eggs, the first round of the hunt, every student was limited to 10 eggs.  After students found 10 eggs they had to stop and gather together.  During round two, all eggs were for who ever found them first.  Students had a wonderful time finding eggs and some students even helped other students find eggs.

    pre k students surround teacher boys holding up egg bagsgirls running with egg bags

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  • Read Across America

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 3/4/2022

    Read Across America

    To celebrate and encourage reading, members of West Blocton High School's band, cheerleaders, and football teams came to read to Woodstock students.  First, a school-wide pep rally was held where students heard the band play the West Blocton fight song, alum mater, and other peppy songs.  They also heard from Woodstock's principal, Mrs. Shea Essman and West Blocton's new football coach, Dre'Mail King talk about the importance of reading.    

    high school band on stage with young students sitting watching

    Next, the band members, cheerleaders, and football players went to different classrooms to read books selected by the classroom teachers.  Students enjoyed hearing the stories and then asking the students questions about high school.   

    two boys standing in front of class reading story to class  two cheerleaders reading to students  teenagers reading to Pre-K students  

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  • Pre-K 101 Days of School

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 1/26/2022

    kids dressed as Dalmatians

    Mrs. Greene's and Mrs. McElroy's Pre-K students had fun dressing up like Dalmatians for the 101 Day of School.  They also matched upper and lower case letters using doggie bones; played Doggie Doggie Where's Your Bone?; ate a special snack made up of "Fetch Sticks" (pretzels), "Pupcorn" (popcorn), and Scoobie Snacks in the shape of dog bones; and also made two list: I would want 101..... and I would not want 101......  The students were interested in having 101 dollars, 101 cats, 101 cookies or cupcakes, 101 pet crabs, 101 teddy bears, 101 gold bears, and 101 robots, but they did NOT want 101 spiders, 101 stinky shoes, 101 snakes, 101 rhinos, 101 hippos, or 101 sharks.       


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  • Spelling Bee

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 12/15/2021

    kids standing

    Woodstock Elementary School recently held its annual Spelling Bee for their Fourth Grade Students.  Those who participated were L to R: Alaina H., Tate H., Sophia G., Lucy B.. Aubree P., Cleiver L., Andrew P., Kevin T., and Dreyton H.  The winner of the Spelling Bee was Lucy B. and the runner up was Alaina H.  Congratulations to these two and to all those who were brave enough to participate.  

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