• Best Effort Students

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 11/9/2022

    students holding up certificates and brag tags

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  • Fall Festival 2022

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 10/27/2022

    Fall Festival 2022

    The PTA of Woodstock Elementary School put on a Fall Festival on October 27th at the school to help raise money for school needs. Students and their families enjoyed jumping on inflatables, walking around in circles and finding the perfect seat to try to win one of Mrs. Mary Boles famous cakes, trying their luck at bingo for donated prizes, walking the plank for a treat, spraying their hair crazy colors, picking out lollipops from the "Lollipop Tree," getting tattoos and so much more. Woodstock Elementary would like to thank The Club and Peer Helpers from West Blocton High School who came to assist in making this a wonderful, fun event: Ellie Blake, Alexandria Hubbard, Lillian Hubbard, Kaley Hudson, Heather Moore, Millie Morris, Kiersten Pierce, Raven Pugh, Kaedy Sharp, Demi Smith, Briana Terron, Lacey Tyler, and Kaydens Wingard. The PTA would also like to thank these sponsors: Town of Woodstock Alabama, Downs & Associates LLC, Brad Rooker-Alfa Insurance, First Baptist Woodstock, La Tortilla, Judy's Korner Store, Lemley's Tiger Hut, Woodstock Foodland, First Financial Bank, West Alabama Bank, Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, McKinney Wrecker, and Bad Hair Day Salon. This event could not have been such a great success without the assistance of faculty, staff, and Woodstock parents.  

    kids    kidskidskids


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  • Homecoming Week

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 10/21/2022

    Homecoming 2022

    In partnership with our feeder school, West Blocton High School, Woodstock Elementary School participated in Homecoming Week from October 17 - 21.  We dressed in Spirit gear, Doubled Up in twin attire, and looked to our future in our Career looks.  We also deviated a little from the high school dressup days by dressing in our 50s attire to celebrate the 50th day of school.   

    kids wearing spirit gearkids wearing spirit gear

    kids dressed alikekids dressed alikekids dressed alikekids dressed alike50s attirekids in career outfits


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  • Best Effort Recipients

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 10/19/2022

    students holding up certificates


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  • The Gulf Coast Brotherhood Ride

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 10/5/2022

    The Gulf Coast Brotherhood Ride

    guys riding by school on bikes

    Woodstock Elementary recently had the opportunity to cheer on “The Gulf Coast Brotherhood Ride”. The entire school and faculty waited in front of Eastern Valley Road for the group of police officers to pass by. These police officers and first responders travelled from the Hoover Met to Monroe, Louisiana in 5 days. The 446 mile journey included 12, 400 miles of climb and honored 10 fallen heroes. 

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  • Best Effort Recipients

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 10/5/2022

    students holding up best effort certificates

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  • Critter Show

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 9/2/2022


    Woodstock students got really excited last Friday as they had a chance to see some exotic animals during a Critter Show.  A bearded dragon, a spider monkey, an albino burmese python, and a porcupine were just a few of the animals that had their chance to shine as students learned about each animal.  They learned that most monkeys live around 20 years and that 1 year in monkey life is like 3 in human years; others learned about the sharpness of the porcupine's quills; while others learned how expensive it can be to take care of these animals.    

    kids sitting on floorman holding snakeman with monkey on shoulder


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  • Fourth Grade Graduation

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 5/24/2022

    Woodstock Elementary School held their Fourth Grade graduation today at Woodstock First Baptist Church.  Thirty-two boys and girls walked across the stage and received their Fourth Grade Certificate of Achievement.  Afterwards, graduates and families celebrated with a reception.  Now these students are headed off to West Blocton Middle School.


    two boys smiling at cameragirls smiling for a picture

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  • Fun Day

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 5/20/2022

    To celebrate the hard work that students have done this school year, Woodstock Elementary School had Fun Day.  Students had fun sliding down slides (some being wet, others being dry).   One could hear laughter and screams of excitement after each turn down.  Some of the slides were rather high up in the air, so some students needed encouragement from their classmates.  You could hear students chanting other students' names and telling them "You can do it!"   Students also got to take turns jumping in the bouncy house.  The day was rather warm, so it was nice to have Kona Ice there to cool down with.  


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  • Melody Off Key

    Posted by Laran Lofton on 5/11/2022

    Melody Off Key

    Woodstock Elementary School Theater Club recently put on a performance of Melody Off Key.  This play taught not to judge a person by their name as Melody and her sisters head off to New York City and meet some interesting people.  With the help of parent, Bessie Tan, who has a background in theater, nineteen 3rd and 4th graders worked together during the 2nd semester of school to put on a wonderful, funny performance.   students on a stagestudents on stage with one at microphone with pizza boxes

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