• Our Mission

    Our mission at Randolph Elementary School is to provide a well-balanced academic program within a nurturing and safe environment that encourages the child as a whole to strive for personal excellence. 


    Our Beliefs

    At Randolph Elementary School, we believe we empower students by doing the following: 

    • Providing rigorous and rich learning opportunities.
    • Sharing responsibilities between parents, teachers, students, and the community.
    • Facilitating personal growth by empowering and inspiring our students to set and achieve goals.
    • Working collaboratively to create a strong academic foundation that inspires lifelong learners.
    • Equipping students with 21st Century skills that will ensure their proficiency in a complex, ever-changing world. 





    Each student is an individual who is deserving of respect, fairness and understanding.


    School experiences should provide opportunities for each child to do his or her best.


    Learning is a lifelong experience.


    The learner must be nurtured within a respectful, cooperative environment.


    Learning will combine process and knowledge to support one's growth as a whole person.


    Teaching must be varied and creative to meet the individual needs of students.


    Parents and the staff of the school must recognize and encourage the important role that each has in the child's education.


    The school community recognizes and appreciates the valuable contribution of the community at large to



    Because the school community is an important part of the community at large, we will promote awareness and

    appreciation of community involvement as a lifestyle.