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Brent Elementary School front of school from street
  • Brent Elementary School (BES) is located in Bibb County in Central Alabama within the city of Brent. BES contains Pre-K through fourth grades and houses 605 students (52% boys/48% girls). Daily student attendance averages 94%. 

    The student breakdown includes: 34 Pre-K students,123 kindergarten students, 128 first graders, 105 second graders, 109 third graders and 107 fourth graders. Of the students above, 41% are African American, 54% white, and 5% other. The poverty rate of the area and lack of industry is a local concern. The lack of local tax revenue is also a concern for the county school system.

    In addition, Brent Elementary School employs 63 faculty and staff members. The Brent Elementary faculty reflects a high level of education and training. All BES teachers are highly qualified. BES has a large percentage of faculty with higher degrees (16 teachers have Masters Degree, 7 teachers have an Ed.S, the principal has an Ed.D, 1 teacher is National Board Certified, and 2 teachers are currently pursuing a higher degree).

    Bibb County is located within a 75-mile radius of several metropolitan areas including Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and Montgomery. Bibb County includes natural resources such as the Cahaba River, Talladega National Forest, and the Oakmulgee and Cahaba Wildlife management areas. The school stands within the city of Brent. According to the 2012 census, the city of Brent has a total population of 4,947. This includes the population of the Bibb County Correctional Facility. The racial make-up of Brent was 45.1% White, 53.5% African American and 2.1% Hispanic. The unemployment rate of the city was 14.9%. The Average Median Worker income was $21,410. The student demographic information reflects several notable facts. Seventy-eight percent (78%) of the students are receiving free or reduced lunches.