• What does the School Social Worker do?

    Bibb County School Social Workers help identify and assess family and school situations, and provide intervention to students whose social or emotional needs affect their academic learning on a consistent basis. Bibb County School Social Workers are all licensed mental health professionals with specific expertise in the area of child and adolescent mental health. School Social Workers may provide short-term mental health interventions for students who do not require more intensive interventions. For students/families that may need long-term, more intensive counseling services or additional services, the school social worker connects them with the appropriate community resource(s). The school social work role is a vital part of the educational team, working closely with school administrators, school counselors, teachers, and pertinent staff to ensure a successful experience for all students. 

    School Social Workers help STUDENTS by working collaboratively with School Counselors/faculty to:

    • Identify problems and work to find help for them. These problems may include, but are not limited to, misbehavior in class, problematic peer relationships, alcohol / substance abuse, teen pregnancy or excessive absences.
    • Develop effective coping strategies
    • Develop decision-making skills
    • Understand themselves and others
    • Improve interpersonal relationships
    • Work through personal matters
    • Utilize school and community resources

    School Social Workers help PARENTS to:

    • Understand and meet their child’s social and emotional needs
    • Participate effectively in their child’s education
    • Utilize school and community resources

    School Social Workers help SCHOOLS to:

    • Understand factors (familial, societal, economic, etc.) that affect students’ abilities to make maximum use of their school experience
    • Utilize their resources to meet the educational, social, and emotional needs of students
    • Promote a safe school environment
    • Connect with resources within the community

    School Social Workers help COMMUNITIES to:

    • Understand school policies, programs, and practices
    • Develop and utilize resources to adequately meet the needs of students and families

    When should I contact the School Social Worker?

    Parents can contact the school social worker with questions about mental health and substance abuse issues, homelessness, food, clothing, domestic violence, access to healthcare, community resources, and all school-based concerns.