Student holding a chromebook by the screen, which is incorrect
  • All students at BCHS are assigned a Chromebook to use at school and at home, for the duration of the school year.  Students are responsible for any and all damage done to the device they are assigned.  Damaged, lost or stolen devices must be reported immediately to the school Technology Coordinator, Mr. Simmer. 


    If the device can be repaired, the student must complete the repair form and may be charged a fee:  

    • $25.00 replacement fee for lost chargers or bags.
    • $50.00 repair fee (if applicable) for damaged devices.
    • $250.00 replacement fee for a lost or stolen Chromebook (students must also turn in a police report for stolen devices).

    All fees must be paid to the secretary, Mrs. Stephanie Terry, in the front office. 


    While damaged devices are being repaired, students may be issued a temporary replacement device.  Students with temporary replacement devices will be responsible for any damage done to that device while in their care.  

    If a student forgets to bring their Chromebook from home, they may check out a loaner Chromebook from their teacher each period, if available.  They are responsible for any damage done to that device, until it is returned at the end of the period.


Student Chromebooks