• Dear Student/Parent,

    High school students from across America are earning college credit through UA Early College.  It’s not easy. But then again, you’re not average!

     UA Early College is now accepting high school students to begin their first college class in March, April, or May!

    As a sophomore, junior, or senior in high school, you may be eligible for The University of Alabama’s UA Early College program. If you have a cumulative 3.0 or higher high school GPA, you can earn two hours of college credit from UA this spring and be ready to earn more credit this summer!  You may even be able to earn your high school graduation credit at the same time!

    What is UA Early College? 

    • Take freshman college courses online 24/7 around your schedule
    • Earn up to a full year of college credit while in high school (still eligible for freshman scholarships)
    • Transfer the credit to colleges and universities across the nation
    • Reduce your tuition cost with a partial tuition scholarship
    • Have the option to spend summer on campus

    What is my first step? 

    ALL UA Early College students begin in a course called UAEC 200: Gateway.  UAEC 200 is a month long 2-credit-hour online course in which you learn how to be successful in a college level class! You will learn how to participate in college-level discussions and writing, prepare for college-level tests, avoid plagiarism, etc. Once you have successfully passed UAEC 200, you will be eligible to take additional courses online and/or be considered for Summer On Campus. 

    How do you get started?

    The majority of your Gateway class will be taught online over the course of the month.  However, the first day of class is taught face-to-face to help you feel more confident knowing that you have a strong foundation to complete the rest of the month online. If you live a great distance from Tuscaloosa OR cannot find a date that suits your schedule, you could choose to do your first class session online in a video conference session.  

    So, when do you want to begin? 

    Would you like to do your first class session ON campus at The University of Alabama?

    Saturday, March 5 – Apply by February 19, will complete Gateway by April 8

    Sunday, April 10 – Apply by April 1, will complete Gateway by May 12

    Sunday, April 24 – Apply by April 8, will complete Gateway by May 26

    Sunday, May 15 – Apply by May 2, will complete Gateway by June 17


    Would you like to do your first class session ONLINE?

    *We try to reserve online sessions for students who live outside the state of Alabama, but you can visit our website for online options.

    Apply for any Gateway course at: http://uaearlycollege.ua.edu

    Three steps to apply…

    1. 1.Complete the UA Early College online application and pay the $40 application fee.
    2. 2.Have your Counselor send your transcript showing your 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA since 9th grade.
    3. 3.Complete the Student Essay.

    Completing the Gateway Class this spring could mean:

    • You earn your first two college credit hours from The University of Alabama
    • You become eligible to apply for Summer On Campus or to take summer courses online.
    • You become eligible for online classes in the 2016-2017 school year and could earn high school credit at the same time!
    • You start on a path of academic excellence that enables you to achieve your goals and dreams!

    Stay academically challenged this spring! Email us at earlycollege@ua.edu or call 1-877-823-8759 if you have questions.