• Bid Updates/Addendums

    BID #23/24-03



    Due to confusion from multiple vendors about the required site visit. Bibb County Schools will be hosting another opportunity. This will be held on Thursday, February 1, 2024 at 2:00 PM. We will not visit all sites on that day. We will go over site maps and expectations at each location. Any individual site visit must be scheduled with the school secretary and/or principal.

    The location of the site visit will be the Bibb County Board of Education, 721 Walnut Street, Centreville, AL 35042.




    1.       When terminating the new cables did you want RJ45 at the APs or do you prefer a jack with a patch cable. At the switch do you want an RJ45 terminations or do you prefer the cable be terminated on a patch panel with a patch cable?

    RJ45 on both ends, most of our cabinets are pretty full. Current runs are rj45 straight from switch to AP.

    2.       If you want the patch panel is there sufficient space on the existing patch panels to terminate the new cables or do we need to provide new ones and if so how many?

    See above 

    3.       Do you have a preference on the cable color for the new runs?

    Blue cable is fine and would match our existing AP cabling.

    4.       Are there any locations (gym, lunchroom, etc..) that would require a lift to install the cabling and APs? If so what schools?

    No lift should be needed, bchs lunchroom and bes gym are highest, but tall ladder should reach.

    5.       What will be the access times to the buildings?

    Building access can be arranged for any time.

     6. Did you want Cat6 cable or Cat6A?

     In response to your cable spec question, Cat6 Riser should be fine. 


    1. On the pricing section of the bid document, do you want us to include the license extension for the controller for a specific location? Or do you want us to add a separate line item for it? It can be included with the BOE, or Cost allocated between all schools. 
    2. Unless I’m missing something, I’m counting 64 of the R770’s by location summary & you have a total of 68 in your overall summary. Please clarify which one is correct. It appears you are correct, I either counted wrong or removed a few and forgot to adjust the total, there are 64 770s requested.