• Interactive e-Books

    We use Capstone Interactive as our source for e-Books. Through the link below, you will be able to access our e-Book collection. You can browse and read e-Books anywhere you have internet access!

    The e-Books include features that allow for books to be read aloud, or you can turn the sound off. There is also an option to have the words highlight as they are read aloud.

    Capstone Interactive Library
    Username: brent
    Password: read


    Destiny Search

    Click on the link below to access Destiny Search, our library management system. You can search for books in the catalog to view our library’s collection.



    Alabama Virtual Library

    The Alabama Virtual Library provides everyone in the state of Alabama with online access to library and information resources. AVL contains a group of online databases used for research and includes magazine, journal, and newspaper articles. Click on the link below to access AVL.